My very own little fairy's!

My very own little fairy's!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Under the weather antics

It has been a while since my last post mainly due to me being away, easter holidays, decorating and then trying to settle into the routine again after the bank holidays.
The MummysCreations party was fab! I could not believe the turn out for it. I got lots of orders and sold lots on the night too. Definitely something I will be repeating. I want to try my hand a craft fairs again this year and a couple of car boot sales.
I have been playing with my embroidery machine and making some beautiful items. I still need to play with it though as it likes to have a paddy when I change material type.
Well this week and month has been a mixture of emotion already. I started the week/month worried about my course work and not being up to date. Then I receive a phone call asking me if I would like an interview for a job for the following day. Next day I have the interview and by the evening find out I got the job!!!! I am still in shock and waiting for the letter to really belief I have it The following day I was hit with a bad migraine and it is still lingering three days later. So I have been resting and when the tablets kick in enough I have been playing with shoe designs. I am currently altering a cute ballet style slipper. Once perfected I will be popping a picture up.
I am trying my hand at baby boots too once I have mastered these shoes. I love boots and would love to make a fair few pairs up ready for the cold weather.

I am thinking of what to do for a competition as we have not had one for a while. I am aiming to be up to date with orders before I start work in 8 days! Eeek

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Eeeek New lines coming!

I am so excited I want to squeal! I have just invested in a very expensive but lush Embroidery machine for MummysCreations. I can not wait to use it and make some more beautiful items and add to most of the items I do already.

I do need to sell a lot of items already made to make room for the new beautiful items that will be coming out the work room in the coming weeks. Gosh my mind is on over load with ideas of what to make, attempt, test........

  I can't wait for the MummysCreation party on the 30th so I can show my new designs off! Roll on Tomorrow when the fun begins moving all the ready to go items so I can make room for the new baby!!! This is my last *big* purchase now as I really need to build the funds back up. If my ideas work it shouldn't be long though.

I have also bought a lovely new range of fabrics that are different but LUSH. You need a taste for it I suppose.

Watch this space.......

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

New projects

Well the sun has shown it's face today along with it's hat! Wow it has been warm....BUT instead of sitting in the warm weather sunning myself I have been cleaning and thinking of new projects now that I am up to date with orders. I decided to make the peg apron I was talking to a friend about. My decision seemed definite after a peg broke and hit me in the face!While putting the washing out, Ouch. So now I have a nice apron to keep my pegs in or use to pop a nappy in at bed time and wipes and take little miss up for bed. Quite handy really but now my eldest daughter is requesting one....

My second project is in the back of my mind and I am in a do I? don't I? mood. The thing is I have a lot of items I made to show what I can do and I end up with the one I made to show as people want different fabrics and so on.  this is part of the reason why I am hosting a MummysCreations party as then people can see what I make and sell and they can buy on the night if they choose.

Here is the second project!
To be honest I am not happy with it. I was sloppy with it and it is rather large. But as with most things it really is a trial and error. I am going to try again at the weekend after I have finally managed sleep and see if I can improve it some what.
I welcome any comments with regards to my projects or any ideas on new ones!

Monday, 4 April 2011


Due to the new changes on Facebook stopping competitions and freebies I thought I ought to make good use of my blog and start doing them from here. In the past I have done a fair few give aways so I need to suss how to do it through here.