My very own little fairy's!

My very own little fairy's!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Eeeek New lines coming!

I am so excited I want to squeal! I have just invested in a very expensive but lush Embroidery machine for MummysCreations. I can not wait to use it and make some more beautiful items and add to most of the items I do already.

I do need to sell a lot of items already made to make room for the new beautiful items that will be coming out the work room in the coming weeks. Gosh my mind is on over load with ideas of what to make, attempt, test........

  I can't wait for the MummysCreation party on the 30th so I can show my new designs off! Roll on Tomorrow when the fun begins moving all the ready to go items so I can make room for the new baby!!! This is my last *big* purchase now as I really need to build the funds back up. If my ideas work it shouldn't be long though.

I have also bought a lovely new range of fabrics that are different but LUSH. You need a taste for it I suppose.

Watch this space.......

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